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Hire a Trusted Heating Services Provider in Airdrie

Ensuring that the heating systems are operating correctly is crucial to keeping energy costs down and comfort levels high. At Diggs Mechanical LTD in Airdrie, our team of experts help to keep the heating system running at their best. Maintenance routine helps prevent costly repairs and can make your heating system more energy efficient. You can trust us with the maintenance and repair of your water heaters, boilers and hot water tanks. If required, we can also assist with replacements and installations. 

We come in when the heating systems require installation or when they are installed incorrectly and need to be quickly repaired to prevent further damage. Our hearing services include:

Residential heating systems
Commercial heating systems

Having been in the business for years and with good knowledge of the local climate, we will strive our best to ensure hassle-free repair and installations at reasonable rates. Our priority is to ensure we offer the services you need the right way the first time. 

Call us for everything from boiler repair to water heater installation and maintenance.

Experienced Heating Services

We provide replacements, repairs and service for all brands of hot water tanks and boilers.

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